WebPulse Analytics is a streamlined web analytics solution designed for effortless monitoring of page events and user behavior through a simple client-side script. Tailored for intuitive understanding, our tool offers deeper insight into user interactions on your website, empowering you to optimize your online presence.

Your Privacy is Our Priority

At WebPulse Analytics, we hold a strong commitment to safeguarding user privacy. Our administrative dashboard operates solely on functional cookies for essential purposes such as retaining language preferences and maintaining active sessions. No cookies are being created by the client-side script that you implement on your tracked projects. This ensures no bloat or unnecessary data being stored.

Customizable Data Collection

Understanding the importance of data privacy, we've designed WebPulse Analytics to only collect the data you opt into during the setup of your website project within our system. This customizable data collection approach ensures that you have full control over the data being gathered, aligning with your privacy preferences and compliance requirements.

Anonymous Data Processing

The data collected via the client-side script is anonymized to uphold the highest standards of privacy and data protection. Our objective is to provide meaningful analytics while ensuring user privacy remains uncompromised.